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Value Proposition

We deliver value-added solutions.

Itelecom cares about innovation in its business processes. Conceived business related technologies in a collaborative and flexible way, where those involved in the business relationship dialogue and complement each other. That is why, it is important to Itelecom the parties involved in the commercial relationship, manage a comprehensive vision of the goals to be accomplished to go leaving behind a way of operating under a traditional business model where the figures of supplier and operator of value, and rigid procedures used in the consumption chain roles; then move towards a more horizontal and flexible model.

Itelecom assists companies with which commercial links becoming much more than a supplier. It is committed to contribute and add value to the company with which you are working, encouraging the final product reaches consumers count on highly relevant differentiators that under the traditional paradigm had not been achieved. In Itelecom organizational learning and business interrelationship for value creation is valued; to grow with companies that prefer products, services and technology solutions offered.

This business approach that assumes Itelecom moves from the traditional provision of products evolving towards providing solutions to establish criteria for mutual benefit to undertake projects in various forms standing between fundamental: pay as you grow (PAYG), profit sharing, and sharing costs.