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Success Stories – Business

Successfully led the work of assembly and deployment Itelecom Argentina done in record time for major highway linking Buenos Aires to La Plata.

Under the proposed light renovation company Argentina AUBASA bid, Itelecom and its solution GO + Technology in Lighting, installed between Buenos Aires and La Plata, over a thousand lighting equipment with low energy consumption, which will allow AUBASA, company administrator of the motorway, save between 55 and 65%, plus lower turnover rate due to the durability of the equipment, which averaged extend its life to 10 years.

On the product of this first tender, are lighting luminaire lamps incorporated with latest generation LEDs, optical lenses that provide uniformity and efficiency in line with the activity and designed to customer requirements and power supplies that allow their regulation allowing flexibility in its applications. They also have a structure of “toolless” assembly facilitating installation and maintenance without the use of tooling.

Another important point to note was the responsiveness of Itelecom Argentina, who could complete the project in record time, requested by the customer to minimize the impact of road works. Thus, in three months the first draft Itelecom in the neighboring country has concluded exceeding expectations.
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Project Lighting Hotels and Casinos Dreams – GO +

General Features

  • 12,000 units of LED lighting equipment game rooms, hotel and restaurant.
  • 3,000 m intelligent LED lighting outdoor decorative.
  • Implementation of I-Lighting in all the properties of Chile, casinos, hotels, spa, restaurant, parking.

Solution Features

  • Reduced heat output.
  • Reduced CO2 footprint.
  • 75% reduction of consumption.
  • Improved image.
  • Improved comfort and efficiency.

Telefónica Chile – Renovation Lighting Technology Corporate Building – GO +

General Features

  • Renewal of Enlightenment I-Lighting.
  • Incorporating elements of control and management.
  • Business model without CAPEX.
  • 12,000 lights in corporate building.
  • Project replicated nationwide.

Solution Features

  • Integrating efficient lighting management systems and control.
  • Reducing energy consumption of 60%.
  • Reducing carbon footprint.
  • Certification Building “Green”.

Hospital Militar de Santiago – GO +

General Features

  • Retrofit of Entire Lighting System.
  • Incorporation of control and management elements.
  • Business model without CAPEX. 5 year contract with Key Performance Indicators.
  • 20,000 lighting units in health care complex.

Solution Features

  • Integration of efficient lighting units with building management and control system (BMS).
  • Reduction of lighting energy consumption by 57%.
  • Mercury free lighting units.