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Itelecom is constantly creating innovative solutions that are based on the concepts of «Mobility», «Internet of Things», «Crowd sourcing», «Cloud computing». This will highlight new solutions offered to our customers as new companies linked to the group. – Your own application software is now possible.

Appizard is an innovative solution for developing software applications. Through a simple interface anyone can develop their much desired software application that it was impossible using traditional methods. A very low cost and implementation times, reduced, a community of professionals around the world expect your requirements to make one done competing and collaborating together to achieve the goal.

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GO + – Energy efficiency at your fingertips.

GO + offers companies the possibility of implementing an energy efficiency project through technological upgrading of their lighting systems and ZERO ZERO INVESTMENT RISK paying this update to perceived savings. It has never been so close to the possibility of reducing the carbon footprint, now transformed into «green» and save money effectively from GO +.

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Shop online for the acquisition of «Gadgets» technology where customers can find the most advanced technology offers telecommunications and IT.

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I-Secure Driving

Solution for identifying use of mobile terminals in the booths of large transport machinery and mining materials handling. The hardware installed in the cab detects cell activity inside the cab and reported to a central reporting software, store and graph the behavior of cellular use during various stages of driving of vehicles. Greatly reduces accidents by preventing use of mobile terminals.

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Signature is the software solution for handling electronic tax documents of a company. It natively integrates with various ERP market making the process transparent billing for administrative operators of an organization. Its complement with GO Socket make electronic invoicing process an opportunity to meet the challenge of today’s changing market.


Signage is the revolution in digital advertising at the point of sale. This sophisticated service offers the possibility to the user / client to interact with Touchscreen LED screens, providing information and giving accurate, interactive, at the time and place indicated messages. All managed from a server through the web.

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We represent all major brands of security of the world, we deliver solutions to protect all products
within a sales area.
Our solutions considered front porches, systems to protect Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook, video cameras, cosmetics, spirits and accessories in general.

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