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Business Areas


This division primarily aimed at companies and providers of telecommunications services in its various areas, has a more than 20 years in the market of telecommunications and information technologies in Chile and the countries of the region work experience. In the same marketed a wide range of products, solutions and projects with technologies from multiple vendors, counting all with the participation of professionals and highly trained in their areas of expertise technicians.

The development strategy of this division is based on continuous innovation and incorporation of technology and services so that the value offer is growing. Thus, various forms from providing products or product integration more services are offered; to comprehensive technological solutions with high added value that are managed as projects «turnkey» where the client only with choosing, has the most complete solution for their technological demands are incorporated into these solutions offer products, services and implementing a effective and responsible management of the entire solution.

Itelecom Telecommunications Division has attractive and valuable offerings to customers at very competitive prices. Choose Itelecom – Telecommunications Division, is to choose quality and innovation.


Given the intensive mechanization of processes within companies has forced these to outsource many of these activities seeking and demanding thus third party services that meet the challenge of addressing efficiently and at reasonable costs. Itelecom providing solutions that involve engineering, installation and implementation, decided to expand its activities and begins to provide services to telecom operators in the first phase and the rest of the business units of the company below.

Conceptually the set of services are classified as indicated in the table below, for which it has more than 60 professionals in various specializations and skills to support each of the functions described.


The business division has a multidisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to developing business application technology projects, providing value-added solutions to improve business processes of our customers.

We use open standards and technologies, specializing in providing our customers solutions under business models outsourcing services.

We have national and international presence in Latin America. Our implementation methodology is to deliver key solutions in hand, providing trust and guarantee a professional job to our customers.