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At Itelecom we base our success on 4 pillars: Technology, Innovation, Design and Service. We ensure all 4 pillars are included with each project and each customer engagement.

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Where We are Located

Our US, Caribbean, and Canada headquarters is located in Miami Lakes, Florida. Our global headquarters are located in Santiago, Chile. Our global offices include: Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, and China.

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We work closely with our customers as a Strategic Partner. We see ourselves as a Trusted Advisor and we develop projects and solutions tailored to each industry we service: Energy, Telecommunications, Mining, Retail, etc.

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Itelecom is constantly creating innovative solutions that are based on the concepts of «Mobility», «Internet of Things», «Crowd Sourcing», «Cloud Computing».

Success Stories

Itelecom was started in 2002 and has been growing ever since. We have a proven track record that we can deliver solutions based on the requirements and demands of the market. Our corporate culture is built on flexibility and innovation, and our mission is to deliver quality and value from simple off-the-shelf products to complex turnkey solutions.

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Itelecom USA has joined SCTE Standards Program with an emphasis on supporting the “Energy 2020” program

Itelecom, a technology and innovation company with US Headquarters in Miami Lakes, Florida and Global Headquarters in Santiago, Chile, with years of experience on the subject of energy reduction and utilizing new technologies to assist in energy reduction, has joined the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) Standards Program with an emphasis on supporting the SCTE “Energy 2020” program.

“The support and expertise of the vendor community is vital to optimizing Energy 2020’s ability to drive cost avoidance for cable,” said Mark Dzuban, President of SCTE. “Itelecom’s years of experience in both technology innovations and energy reduction can bring value as we institute standards and operational practices that can trim up to $1 billion off cable’s energy bill in the next five years.”

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